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What is Vetted Trainers?

Vetted Trainers is a team of top notch trainers who combine the best of strength training, mobility, and tissue work to optimize your human movement. We also use various modalities (private gym sessions, in home sessions, and virtual sessions) to meet the needs of our clients so you can become stronger and healthier no matter where you are!

Woman doing barbell squats in front of a mirror with a personal trainerWoman doing barbell squats in front of a mirror with a personal trainer

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Private Gym
Personal Training

Are you concerned with going to a big commercial gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Come train in our appointment only, private gym.

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In Home
Personal Training

A Vetted Trainer will take you through a workout from the privacy and comfort of your own home. You don't even need any equipment. Stay safe and in shape while you exercise from home!

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This is your germ free option! Your Vetted Trainer will remotely take you through a mobility, flexibility, and strength workout.

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Vetted Nutrition Philosophy: We teach people to feed their body and good bacteria in a sustainable way that promotes a healthy gut which promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth.

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Customer Reviews

Cathy Watkins

"Vetted Trainers knowledge of the human body is beyond amazing. They helped me complete a goal of competing in my first-ever U.S. Strong Woman competition. Without him I would have never challenged myself and succeeded!"

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